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    Steven Onoja of Ostentation and Style.

    Always immaculately dressed with a distinct dapper-ness and stylish sartorial flair, Nigerian-American menswear blogger Steven Onoja is undoubtedly one of the leading faces in the world of personal style and online men’s fashion blogs.

    Whether suited up or styled down, Steven may appear to embrace a more conventional and classic look but he always manages to go beyond the confines of traditional upscale men’s fashion by adding personal touches that make his style both unique and distinct. What we love best is that each ‘shoot he undertakes tells a story that brings the dynamics of his aesthetics to life.

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    Alfie Enoch - How To Get Away With Murder portraits x

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  3. [What is the most annoying superpower?] To be frozen, I guess. I think that would be pretty bad, if you just randomly froze, you know, every five steps. On you way to the bathroom or something… The telephone rings and you can’t get up and get it. x

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  5. Emily Blunt and Cate Blanchett, photographed by Peter Lindbergh for IWC Schaffhausen, 2014.

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  7. Gillian Anderson for Red.

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  8. I’m just terrible. At talking. With words.

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    the bianca jagger teas

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    Luke Pasqualino

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